Laycock Media Emma

I’m Emma

And I run Laycock Media. I’m an independent photographer, journalist and digital communications advisor. Over the past 20 years I have worked mainly in the News industry at BBC, TV2 Denmark and DR.

Today my work is mainly focused around

  • Photography: As a photographer I want to capture life, people, love and places.
  • Drone video/photography: I use the drone whenever I can. For pictures, video or as a supplement to additional material. 
  • Communication: What do you want to say? When should you say it – and how?  I can help you find the right way through the jungle of noice, and get your message through.
  • SoMe content and digital strategy: I will make sure that your SoMe efforts are well connected with everything else you do online – being website, newsletter, blog, or social media – so you end up having a coherent, sustainable “ecosystem” online.

My clients

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